Spy Playing Cards Cheating Devices

09ded-spyinvisibleplayingcardscontactlensesIf you want to make money and win in a poker game then it is the right place for you to make your attraction and win money with the help of our spy playing card cheating devices. Spy playing cards provide a complete helps to players when you are playing Teen Patti games, Mang Patta games and all types of gambling games. You can at all the times win the game and with the help of spy playing cards. Our spy playing cards are used by the expert players and also those players who are new in those games and want to make their good luck with our playing cards, they can contact us to buy these cheating playing cards.

Benefits of Spy Playing Cards:- Mainly benefits of our spy playing cards you can load these cards easily by your pockets at all the times, which provide complete security and not risk of getting caught by another person. Our playing cards are easy to use and very easy to understand, anyone may help you to cheat in a secured way.Spy Playing Cards Cheating Device

Different Types of Spy Playing Cards:-

Spy Invisible Playing Cards:- Spy invisible playing cards it is not easy being a playing cards,  which give the all report about the number of suits of each players’ playing cards in every second and provide you the full help to win the game.

Spy Marked Playing Cards:- These marked playing cards can be used in the poker game and providing helps the user to win the gamble. With the help of our contact lenses the player can see what is the number and suit before they get of course other players cannot see and cannot notice anything. There are some symbols or any marks in the every piece of the back of our playing cards. You can recognize or identify the playing cards by the marks.

Playing Cards Cheating Device:- Spy playing cards cheating device gives the all report about the number of suits of each playing card in every second and provide the full help to win the game or a bet or gamble.

Instructions Included:

1. Highly durable.

2. High quality plastic coated playing cards.

3. Slightly marked to show the number.

4. Easy to read and un-detectable.

Spy Hidden Watch Camera in Delhi & India

Spy Hidden Watch Camera in DelhiSpy Hidden Watch Camera in Delhi & India:-This is a multifunctional device. which is not only a spy hidden wrist watch camera but also a hidden digital audio and video recorder camera. Our spy watch camera has high definition recording which supports up to 4 GB memory to save audio files and video recording. This camera is specially developed for spying for any activities by humans like sting operation, providing security for homes, child, schools, colleges, hospitals and other important government organization. You can connect this device with your PC, laptop and other electronic devices. This camera is very helpful in many undercover projects for detectives and armed forces who try to reveal the truth through recording them with such cameras. This hidden camera looks like as a normal wrist watch camera and it is installed with a hidden camera that helps in revealing the truth.

Key Features for Spy Hidden Watch Camera:

  1. Continuous recording until memory is full.
  2. Video resolution up to: 1280*720 AVI.
  3. Microphone port: Labeled Q-G-tech.
  4. Dimensions for this hidden camera (cm): H: 6cm W: 5.5cm D: 1.5cm.
  5. Compatibility: Windows 2000, XP, Window 2003, Window Vista etc.

Spy Hidden Watch Camera Specification:

  1. Spy hidden HD watch camera with 4GB inbuilt memory.
  2. USB 2.0 port by which you can transfer data.
  3. This HD watch camera supports both audio and video recording.
  4. It is friendly with windows 2000/XP/Vista & Mac OS 10.4.
  5. No special software or drivers required to transfer data.



Spy Bluetooth Earpiece in Delhi & India

Spy Bluetooth Earpiece in DelhiSpy Bluetooth Earpiece is a device for sending, receiving an audio signal without knowing any person around you. This device is the best for you if you want to receive pre-recorded messages or information from any other person during speeches, interviews and other activities. Basically this device is mainly developed for the purpose of audio conversation during a secret operation but at the present time it is also available for the general public. This earpiece is able to attach to your mp3 player, your mobile phone, an audio recorder or radio in order to send any information to your earpiece.

Functioning of Spy Bluetooth Earpiece: The important part of bluetooth earpiece is its inductive transmitter that transmits audio signal to other devices like as mp3 player, mobile phone and other devices to transmit audio signal. These transmitters are available in different-different types such as some transmitters have a neck loop that can be worn around the neck of the user that may connect with your cell phone via earphone socket. The other types of transmitter are GSM spy earpiece, hair clip earpiece set,  bluetooth shirt set, walkie talkie and other bluetooth set, the user may connect their cell phone via this device. Nowadays the bluetooth is available in different-different types like as shirts, pens, sunglasses, bluetooth watches, eraser , ladies bracelet, earpiece plucker and many more.

Spy Bluetooth Specs Earpiece Set

Features of Spy Bluetooth Earpiece:

  1. This device has a multi-function key and microphone hides under the clip.
  2. Wireless connection to earpiece or hearing aid.
  3. This device is hands free cell phone communication.
  4. Voice dialing available (need cell phone provider support).
  5. Battery life 6 hours talking time or standby 100 hours.
  6. Built-in rechargeable battery.

Spy Software in Delhi & India

Spy Software in DelhiNowadays Spy Software is quite famous in the market. Most of the people use this software in their daily life in their offices, houses and during their jobs. If any person either your family member, friend or your employee is trying to cheat you and you are not aware about this, but you have noticed that his/her behavior is changing day by day then Spy Software can help you to keep an eye on them and provides all the details what is going wrong with you. It also helps to monitor your children’s activities. It is very easy to use just install and run it on the owner’s phone and you will aware about all the things that you want to know. There is no need to register this software. Once you purchase, it is totally yours forever and don’t need any net connection or bluetooth connectivity to use this application.

Spy Mobile Software for IphoneFeatures of Spy Phone Software’s:

  1. Call Tracing: – By using this software you can track the exact location of owner by phone.
  2. Call Interception: – If the target phone tries to make a call or receive any call, then you will get information on your phone and you can intercept between them to hear their talk.
  3. Boot /Sim change: – If the target phone changes his/her phone SIM card then you will get a notification related to this, on a predefined number.
  4. Voice recorder: – An automatic voice recorder works with this software in the target phone and you can hear it later.
  5. Bug Room By Spy Calling: – It bugs the room of the target phone and let you hear into the phone surroundings from anywhere in the world.
  6. Reboot: – You can restart the software from anywhere by sending a reboot command from a predefined phone number.

Mobile Jammer in Delhi & India

Mobile Jammer in Delhi The mobile signal jammer is a circuit device that is generally used to blockade the communication of the mobile phone signals within a certain entire range and any restricted nearby workstations. This kind of device generally used in temples, mosques, libraries, churches, meeting rooms, conference rooms, movie theaters and other banned base stations where peace is the first expectation.

A cellular phone (also known as a mobile phone, hand phone) is a gadget that could arrange communication calls over a radio signals link even as surrounding around a wide global area. Before ordering one you should get to know a little description about signal jammer. A mobile signal jammer is such kinds of device which have different kinds of frequencies depending on the different types of models by which you could operate the suitable frequency signals in consider of you have a need.

The standard mobile jamming range generally varies from 10 to 40 meters, which is wide adequate to maintain your top secret life and your peace. It is very important to focus that the frequency signals from the mobile jammer device does no harm to your health as well as relative family because it is based on the national standard health secure organization. So finally you could use that without any hassle and worries. The Mobile Signal Jammer is very hassle free to control, just moving it on slightly and even it is so convenient to carry it anywhere if you want to go.

Mobile jammer is an appliance used to protect mobile phones, cell phones to get signals from their particular network station provider services. It could be used in anywhere nearby any location. Radio signal waves are connected by these signals to mobile phones, which are demolished by the mobile jammer wavelength which blocks, the radio signal provided by the different network service provider.

Use of Mobile Phone Signal Jammer:
1. Generally used in high sensitive areas like defense personal base camp.
2. Used in group of institutions and universities so that students could not make ill use of their mobile phones.
3. Also used in place where peace is the first expectations due to some privacy purpose.

Radio waves wavelength is the carrier of radio signals. These radio signals are very detrimental in such many aspects. On oil pumps the mobile phones are prohibited and the mobile jammers are installed to protect that signals.

Mobile Phone Jammer Types:
1. Handy cell phone jammer
2. Portable cell phone jammer
3. Desktop cellular phone jammer
4. GPS Signal Jammer
5. Heavy duty cellular phone and GPS jammer

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Spy HD Watch Camera in Delhi & India

Spy HD Watch Camera in DelhiSpy wrist watch camera (HD) is a multifunctional device. This is not only a spy wrist watch camera, but also a hidden digital video recorder camera, Spy Wrist Watch Camera HD is the latest technology of spy  India. It can be used to carry out various hidden project like as sting operations, used by news agency, government agency and also providing a security for hospitals, schools, colleges and other important organizations.

Spy Wrist Watch Camera HD Key Features:

  1. Internal Memory : 4GB
  2. Battery Backup: 2 Hours
  3. Warranty : 1 Year Warranty
  4. Shipping Time : 1-2 working days
  5. Shipping Charges : Domestic : Rs.200.00

Spy Wrist Watch Camera HD Product Specification:

  1. HD Spy Watch Camera is a digital video recorder camera having up to 4 GB internal memory with 2 hours battery backup.
  2. It works as a hidden camera with 2.0 USB supports.
  3. It can record video with video resolution of 1280×960.
  4. It has a USB cable for charging.
  5. It is also used for data transfer.

Spy Wrist Watch Camera

Spy Wrist Watch Camera

Spy Wrist Watch Camera

Spy India is offering Spy Wrist Watch Camera in Delhi & all over India. It can be used for various types of  project like as conduct a sting operation. This camera is used by many undercover agencies, detective  agencies , news & different government agencies etc. spy wrist watch camera provides all the requirements for our clients. Spy watch camera having various types of key features and specification below.

Spy Watch Camera Key Features:

  1. Memory (Internal): 4GB
  2. Battery backup: 2 Hours
  3. Warranty : 1 Year Warranty
  4. Shipping Time : 1-2 working days
  5. Shipping Charges : Domestic : Rs.200.00

Product Specification:

  1. Spy watch camera is specially designed in classy looking design.
  2. It has 5.0 mega pixel camera with 2.0 (High Speed) USB transfer rate.
  3. It supports AVI audio & video file format. It supports up-to 4 GB memory.

Latest Spy Hidden Camera in Delhi & India

Spy India (P) Ltd is one of the best leading supplier company of spy products in Delhi and all over India. A spy devices that allow for its customers to capture and record footage for any moment. The latest spy hidden camera provides you the full security for your child, house and monitoring a spying persons. We have various types of spy cameras like as smoke detector devices, tissue box camera, teddy bear, digital clock cameras etc. These cameras captured any images and records of every movement without alert the targeted person .

Spy Hidden Camera in Delhi

Why Should I Use A Spy Hidden Camera?:

There are a lot of reasons to buy a spy camera for your house safety and other security reasons. Some cameras offer speakers that can be put into the ceiling or motion sensors that also trace video. Spy watches cameras that can record video as well as audio too. You don’t need to have a secret instrument to have use of these hidden spy cameras.

Spy Dettol Camera in Delhi

Key Features of Spy Hidden Camera:

1.  Simple To Set Up And Record. Since spy cameras so very small devices, it can be moved to different-different location without any affecting problems. Since there are no cables to run, or other equipment needed, the Spy Camera can be moved from room-to-room simply and secretly.

2.  Motion Activation to Catch Your Subject. You can easily move into motion activated recording with a push of a button. You can also record straight video for about 90 minutes per charges, spy cameras having an 8-GB micro SD card support.

3.No Expensive Equipment Needed. There will be no more lots of cables, the cameras simply hook up to a PC, Mac, or TV to vision the video of this spy hidden cameras.

4.  Excellent High Quality Recordings. This camera’s video quality is 320 x 240 resolution zoom, with 30 frames per second and very clear. Spy Cameras having its audio quality are clear. The photo quality is 640 x 480 and very clear.

5.Great for Car Vandalism Problems. Spy Cameras are also useful to solving the problems for car vandalism.

Advantages of Spy Hidden Cameras:

  1. The Spy camera is portable and easy to use to carry everywhere.
  2. It is also used as a web camera when it is connected to a computer or laptop.
  3. You can take the high quality videos with the help of spy pen camera.
  4. It doesn’t require any additional hardware or software.
  5. It is effective when we want to create a secure network and journalism.
  6. It functions like a pen as well as take photos, recording (Audio & Video) can also use in video conferencing.
  7. We can easily connect it to the computer using USB port.
  8. Spy camera act as a detective agent, in some cases.

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