Spy India (P) Ltd is one of the best leading supplier company of spy products in Delhi and all over India. A spy devices that allow for its customers to capture and record footage for any moment. The latest spy hidden camera provides you the full security for your child, house and monitoring a spying persons. We have various types of spy cameras like as smoke detector devices, tissue box camera, teddy bear, digital clock cameras etc. These cameras captured any images and records of every movement without alert the targeted person .

Spy Hidden Camera in Delhi

Why Should I Use A Spy Hidden Camera?:

There are a lot of reasons to buy a spy camera for your house safety and other security reasons. Some cameras offer speakers that can be put into the ceiling or motion sensors that also trace video. Spy watches cameras that can record video as well as audio too. You don’t need to have a secret instrument to have use of these hidden spy cameras.

Spy Dettol Camera in Delhi

Key Features of Spy Hidden Camera:

1.  Simple To Set Up And Record. Since spy cameras so very small devices, it can be moved to different-different location without any affecting problems. Since there are no cables to run, or other equipment needed, the Spy Camera can be moved from room-to-room simply and secretly.

2.  Motion Activation to Catch Your Subject. You can easily move into motion activated recording with a push of a button. You can also record straight video for about 90 minutes per charges, spy cameras having an 8-GB micro SD card support.

3.No Expensive Equipment Needed. There will be no more lots of cables, the cameras simply hook up to a PC, Mac, or TV to vision the video of this spy hidden cameras.

4.  Excellent High Quality Recordings. This camera’s video quality is 320 x 240 resolution zoom, with 30 frames per second and very clear. Spy Cameras having its audio quality are clear. The photo quality is 640 x 480 and very clear.

5.Great for Car Vandalism Problems. Spy Cameras are also useful to solving the problems for car vandalism.

Advantages of Spy Hidden Cameras:

  1. The Spy camera is portable and easy to use to carry everywhere.
  2. It is also used as a web camera when it is connected to a computer or laptop.
  3. You can take the high quality videos with the help of spy pen camera.
  4. It doesn’t require any additional hardware or software.
  5. It is effective when we want to create a secure network and journalism.
  6. It functions like a pen as well as take photos, recording (Audio & Video) can also use in video conferencing.
  7. We can easily connect it to the computer using USB port.
  8. Spy camera act as a detective agent, in some cases.

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