Spy HD Watch Camera in DelhiSpy wrist watch camera (HD) is a multifunctional device. This is not only a spy wrist watch camera, but also a hidden digital video recorder camera, Spy Wrist Watch Camera HD is the latest technology of spy  India. It can be used to carry out various hidden project like as sting operations, used by news agency, government agency and also providing a security for hospitals, schools, colleges and other important organizations.

Spy Wrist Watch Camera HD Key Features:

  1. Internal Memory : 4GB
  2. Battery Backup: 2 Hours
  3. Warranty : 1 Year Warranty
  4. Shipping Time : 1-2 working days
  5. Shipping Charges : Domestic : Rs.200.00

Spy Wrist Watch Camera HD Product Specification:

  1. HD Spy Watch Camera is a digital video recorder camera having up to 4 GB internal memory with 2 hours battery backup.
  2. It works as a hidden camera with 2.0 USB supports.
  3. It can record video with video resolution of 1280×960.
  4. It has a USB cable for charging.
  5. It is also used for data transfer.