Spy Bluetooth Earpiece in DelhiSpy Bluetooth Earpiece is a device for sending, receiving an audio signal without knowing any person around you. This device is the best for you if you want to receive pre-recorded messages or information from any other person during speeches, interviews and other activities. Basically this device is mainly developed for the purpose of audio conversation during a secret operation but at the present time it is also available for the general public. This earpiece is able to attach to your mp3 player, your mobile phone, an audio recorder or radio in order to send any information to your earpiece.

Functioning of Spy Bluetooth Earpiece: The important part of bluetooth earpiece is its inductive transmitter that transmits audio signal to other devices like as mp3 player, mobile phone and other devices to transmit audio signal. These transmitters are available in different-different types such as some transmitters have a neck loop that can be worn around the neck of the user that may connect with your cell phone via earphone socket. The other types of transmitter are GSM spy earpiece, hair clip earpiece set,  bluetooth shirt set, walkie talkie and other bluetooth set, the user may connect their cell phone via this device. Nowadays the bluetooth is available in different-different types like as shirts, pens, sunglasses, bluetooth watches, eraser , ladies bracelet, earpiece plucker and many more.

Spy Bluetooth Specs Earpiece Set

Features of Spy Bluetooth Earpiece:

  1. This device has a multi-function key and microphone hides under the clip.
  2. Wireless connection to earpiece or hearing aid.
  3. This device is hands free cell phone communication.
  4. Voice dialing available (need cell phone provider support).
  5. Battery life 6 hours talking time or standby 100 hours.
  6. Built-in rechargeable battery.