Spy Software in DelhiNowadays Spy Software is quite famous in the market. Most of the people use this software in their daily life in their offices, houses and during their jobs. If any person either your family member, friend or your employee is trying to cheat you and you are not aware about this, but you have noticed that his/her behavior is changing day by day then Spy Software can help you to keep an eye on them and provides all the details what is going wrong with you. It also helps to monitor your children’s activities. It is very easy to use just install and run it on the owner’s phone and you will aware about all the things that you want to know. There is no need to register this software. Once you purchase, it is totally yours forever and don’t need any net connection or bluetooth connectivity to use this application.

Spy Mobile Software for IphoneFeatures of Spy Phone Software’s:

  1. Call Tracing: – By using this software you can track the exact location of owner by phone.
  2. Call Interception: – If the target phone tries to make a call or receive any call, then you will get information on your phone and you can intercept between them to hear their talk.
  3. Boot /Sim change: – If the target phone changes his/her phone SIM card then you will get a notification related to this, on a predefined number.
  4. Voice recorder: – An automatic voice recorder works with this software in the target phone and you can hear it later.
  5. Bug Room By Spy Calling: – It bugs the room of the target phone and let you hear into the phone surroundings from anywhere in the world.
  6. Reboot: – You can restart the software from anywhere by sending a reboot command from a predefined phone number.